Adam’s Room // in pattern form.

my kitty that never sleeps with me is sleeping at the foot of my bed i feel so honored ; o ;



fem!ren tho

quickly stumbles into room with shirt already half ripped off

fem!ren inFUCKINGDEeD o ye A MR KRABs

jesus fuck YOU KNOW i was rly conflicted about fem!rhyme!ren cause on one hand i was like SHORT SPIKEY HAIR YAAAAAAS but on the other hand was like LONG FLOWEY SPIKEY ((but impractical for fighting purposes tbh)) HAIR??? UuWA H?????? *O* BUT AFTER SEEIN SHORT HAIRED LADY REN IN UR STYLE„„ Y ES„ I CAN ACCEPT THIS„ 40 BIG THUMBS UP
F RICKIN HECK IM. IS IT HOT IN HE RE look how tiny that nuzzly lil aob is in comparison oh man im just gonn a [[wraps this image around my body and wears it at a dress for the next 23 years]]
Stares at this while crying and ascends to heaven……………………

hey lets play how hot is that character

Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY

what does a hipster armin wear


watch this #important


its done….(quiet sobbing)

i’ve been working on this for forever and its done!! i will be entering this in the no brand con amv contest. wish me luck!


Nifty Fiftys Soda Fountain - Pink and green heaven in Port Townsend, WA